At Seattle Smiles Company, we are proud to leverage the capabilities of 3D CT scanning, integrating advanced technology to elevate the quality of dental care we offer. This advanced imaging tool is part of our commitment to providing comprehensive, precise dental treatments.

What is 3D CT Scanning?

3D CT scanning is a cutting-edge technology that produces three-dimensional images of your teeth, jawbone and surrounding tissues. This high-resolution imaging is crucial for accurate diagnosis and precise treatment planning, offering a level of detail that traditional X-rays cannot match.

Your Visit: Enhanced by 3D Technology

When you visit our office, the 3D CT scanning process is quick and entirely noninvasive. The scanner will circle around your head, capturing detailed images in seconds without any discomfort. This efficient process provides essential data that enhances the accuracy of your treatment plan.

Benefits of 3D CT Scanning

  • Enhances the precision and effectiveness of treatments with detailed images for accurate diagnoses and precise surgical planning.
  • Reduces discomfort and accelerates recovery by minimizing procedural time and focusing on targeted treatment approaches.
  • Streamlines procedures for faster visits, reducing your time in the dental chair.

Experience Cutting-Edge Dental Care

Ready to benefit from the latest advancements in dental diagnostic technology? Contact us today at 206-814-0800 to schedule your appointment with our dentist, Dr. Ajay Kashi. Let us show you how 3D CT scanning in Seattle, Washington, can provide superior care and transform your dental treatment experience.