Our dentist and team excel in full-arch replacement, offering a comprehensive solution for patients who have lost most or all of their teeth to decay, disease or injury. This advanced treatment restores not only the functionality of your teeth but also the aesthetics of your smile, using state-of-the-art technology to achieve results that look and feel natural.

What is Full-Arch Replacement?

Full-arch replacement is a dental procedure that involves replacing an entire arch of teeth with a permanently fixed bridge or denture. This is often supported by dental implants, which provide a stable and durable foundation for the new teeth. The procedure is ideal for patients looking for a more permanent solution than traditional removable dentures, offering improved comfort, better chewing ability and a natural-looking smile.

What to Expect With Full-Arch Replacement

The process begins with a thorough consultation to evaluate your oral health and determine the best course of action. If full-arch replacement is deemed suitable, the next steps may include extractions of any remaining teeth and the placement of dental implants. After the implants have been placed, they will need to integrate with the jawbone, a process that can take several months. Once integration is complete, a custom-made, fixed dental prosthesis is securely attached to the implants. Throughout the entire process, our team ensures that you receive detailed care and support to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Benefits of Full-Arch Replacement

  • Provides a complete, natural-looking restoration of your smile
  • Enhances chewing and speaking abilities
  • Offers a more comfortable and stable fit than traditional dentures
  • Prevents bone loss in the jaw and maintains facial structure
  • Designed to last many years with proper care

Transform Your Smile and Life Today!

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