At Seattle Smiles Company, we provide oral sedation to ensure a calm and stress-free dental experience. Tailored to your individual needs, this sedation option helps alleviate anxiety, allowing you to remain relaxed yet fully conscious during your procedure.

What is Oral Sedation?

Oral sedation involves taking a prescribed sedative pill before your dental appointment. This form of sedation is ideal for patients with mild to moderate dental anxiety, as it helps to significantly reduce discomfort and nervousness. The medication typically makes you drowsy, but you will remain awake and able to communicate. Our dentist will determine the appropriate dosage based on your anxiety level and the complexity of the procedure to ensure your safety and comfort.

What to Expect With Oral Sedation

Before your dental procedure, you will be given a pill to take, usually an hour in advance. You should arrange for someone to drive you to and from the appointment as the medication will impair your ability to operate vehicles safely. During the procedure, you will feel very relaxed and less aware of the surroundings, but still able to respond to our team’s instructions. After the procedure, the effects of the sedation will gradually wear off, but you may still feel slightly drowsy for a few hours.

Benefits of Oral Sedation

  • Eases anxiety and helps you relax during dental procedures
  • Simple and easy to administer with just a pill
  • Allows you to recover quickly with minimal lingering effects
  • Enables you to communicate with the dental team during the procedure

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