Maintaining optimal oral health extends beyond regular brushing and flossing — it involves comprehensive care that reaches where traditional methods cannot. At Seattle Smiles Company, we offer an innovative solution for enhancing periodontal health: Perio Protect.

What is Perio Protect?

Perio Protect is a tailored treatment designed to manage and treat gum disease at any stage. This noninvasive therapy utilizes customized perio trays to deliver doctor-prescribed solutions deep below the gum line, directly targeting the bacteria that cause periodontal disease. It is particularly suitable for individuals who have struggled with gingivitis or periodontitis, or anyone seeking to maintain healthier gums.

perio protect
perio protect
perio protect
perio protect

Your Visit to Seattle Smiles Company

During your visit, our dentist, Dr. Ajay Kashi will guide you through the Perio Protect treatment process. Your appointment will begin with a thorough examination to assess your periodontal health and determine if Perio Protect is the best option for you. Should it be suitable, impressions of your mouth will be taken to customize your perio trays for a comfortable and effective treatment.

Benefits of Perio Protect

Here are several key benefits you can expect from using Perio Protect:

  • Effectively manages bacteria and reduces gum inflammation
  • Offers an easy and convenient treatment that can be administered at home
  • Minimizes the need for more invasive dental procedures
  • Helps freshen breath and naturally whitens teeth

Take Action for Healthier Gums

Experience the transformative effects of Perio Protect in Seattle, Washington, and take a significant step towards a healthier mouth. Call 206-814-0800 today to schedule your appointment and let Dr. Kashi help you achieve and maintain optimal gum health with the innovative Perio Protect treatment.